Friday, July 9, 2010

New from "This is not a Tax" McGuinty

This one is unbelievable!

A new bureaucracy from the Ontario Government has been created called Stewardship Ontario. No not it does not refer to stewardship of your tax dollars!!!. Has anyone seen how much this is costing, how much it will generate in revenues.

Get on board... they will be hiring like crazy!
Stewardship Ontario - Only for those looking for outrageous salaries, golden benefits and platinum pensions. Friends only please!

If it did not hurt so much we would be having fun with this one! Here is a comment left at the CBC article New Ontario 'eco fees' not a tax: minister
I am furious about this newest sneaky tax foisted upon us. Please don't insult me by explaining how it is not a tax. I may be stupid because I live in Ontario, but you don't have to rub it in.

Please explain to me why dish detergent has an eco-tax. Is it a hazardous product? The plastic bottle isn't hazardous and is placed in my blue box, a service (not a tax) that I pay for in my property taxes (a tax, not a service).

Is it the detergent inside the bottle that is the hazardous material? I am already paying for the disposal of this dangerous hazardous material through my water and sewer fees (also not a tax). But if it IS hazardous, why on earth if the province of Ontario letting it get onto the dishes I EAT from, let alone into the water system??!!

Also, since the eco-tax is being applied to my medication, how do I apply for a refund for the portion of the medications I have ingested and which do not need to be disposed of as a hazardous waste? Is there a form that I need to fill out? Is a urine test required to prove the medications were ingested?

And how about the eco-tax on Kleenex. Freaking KLEENEX! This is disposed of in my compostable (green) bin which is costing me a pretty penny on my property taxes, I might add. And they are placing a hazardous product fee on it?!

I AM CANADIAN - TAX ME MORE!! (Lord, I hope KY Jelly doesn't have an eco-tax, too, or this is going to be even MORE painful than I expected!)
Barb S
All I can say is unbelievable!

Bill Tufts
Fair Pensions For All

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