Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unions are Pissed!!!

NUPGE and OPSEU are mounting a campaign in opposition to the Ontario corporate tax cut program. Is there any disclosure on these unions? How much are they spending every year? Where are they getting their money? How much are the senior executives in the unions being paid?

Unions are a huge lobby group in Canada. They siphon money paid by taxpayers into the civil service. Why is there no disclosure required for public sector unions?

Check out their parody site here. People For Tax Cuts

Unions are worried about any money that may not be available to pay their outrageous wages, benefits and pension demands. Of course they are saying that it will come out of the pockets of Ontario taxpayers. what they are really worried about is that it will come out of future wages increases and gold-plated pension contributions. 

I have to admit that they have a point if the big-cats in the corporate sector are getting a big tax cut. But they miss the point that it is the business sector generating economic activity that feeds us all. 

Be sure to check out all the You Tube page with all of the video, all 15 of them!  

Bill Tufts 
Fair Pensions For All 

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