Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is the Air Canada pension plan too rich?

In 2009 the Air Canada pension plans were short $2.9 billion despite the fact between 2004 and May 2009 the company had pumped $1.7 Billion into the plan. 

Now they are requesting money from Canadian taxpayers. With Ministers, high level officials senior government officials and Members of Parliament. All of whom have gold-plated pensions funded by you. 

What do you think their response was? I you know please send me an update.

See the video here.

The Conversation Continues

Bill Tufts 


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  2. Bill Tufts stated today on CBC Newsworld that retired public servants can expect about $12,000 in CPP. That is incorrect. Only the top paid public servants can expect that level in CPP income after retirement.

  3. Bill Tufts is associated with the Fraser Institute,a right-wing think tank, His views on pensions reflect that point of view. He is not an objective expert as he pretends to be. The Harper government has already made changes to the federal public service pension plan along the lines of what Bill Tufts wants.


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