Monday, January 11, 2010

Conversations Between Bankers and Taxpayers

Stephen Gray wrote about the the feudal system the gap between the corporate elites and taxpayers. He captured a conversation between a banker and a taxpayer. It covers the essence of the problem very well.

Earlier this year the Globe and Mail quoted me:
He calls it our "Modern Feudal System."
A system where a few have a lot and the majority have - or will have - very little indeed." -
Church and King have been replaced by Government and Big Business," says the Hamilton-based pension specialist with WB Benefit Solutions. "In the feudal age, the church and nobility always wrestled for the purse of those trapped in the caste system. But the poor serf still paid with everything he grew or could make.
 The Globe article went on to talk about the gap between public pensions and private pensions. Stephen covers the other side.


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