Monday, January 18, 2010

Public Sector Prepares All Out Battle with Taxpayers on Pensions


The public sector is preparing for battle over the issue of protecting their taxpayer funded pensions. It will not be pretty and the taxpayer does not have much chance of winning.

The war teams of the public sector unions are meeting in Ottawa to develop the battle plan. Eighteen of Canada's public sector unions are getting together as Federal civil servant unions gird for battle

It is urgent for the public sector unions to protect their pensions as Canadians begin to realize that Federal PS pensions are a $58B debt time bomb. Especially as Taxpayers are asked to cover rising pension costs for government employees as noted in this Business Week article. This article has US references but still relevant for Canada, I put this in here as Leo from Pension Pulse is quoted.

In Ottawa the current government is afraid of the fight and has been trying to avoid it at all costs. In an attempt to diffuse the issue they claimed that retirement security was not a problem for Canadians. Don't panic on pensions.

Despite federal government denials of pensions being a problem in Canada, public sector unions can see trouble brewing. CUPE Video on Issue

You can get a preview of the fighters who will be in the ring making this similar to a last man standing WWF fighting match. Heading Towards a Pension Summit. Indeed there are billions of dollars of your money at stake!!!

The unions had a get together in the fall of 2009. Here is a series of videos that offers a preview of issues that they will be bringing forth.  

Pension Video Series 

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