Saturday, January 23, 2010

To whom is Canada's Debt Owed? CTF Report

A recent report from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows that a large portion of Canada's federal debt is owed to the civil servants. It is owed for the future promise on the pension obligations of the federal government. Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The statistics from Statscan shows that Canadians owe $137 Billion to the pensions of federal employees. This is in addition to the billions already pumped into these pension plans.At the end of 2008 the PSP already had almost $40 Billion of taxpayers money.

The amount of the deficit is actually a lot larger than the $137 Billion that Statscan reports. The CD Howe Institute shows the actual amount is closer to $200 Billion. The Startling Fair-Value Cost of Federal. Government Pensions - PDF .

The CD Howe report comes up short on the obligations for Canadians when it is considered that federal employment only accounts for 15% of total Canadian government employment. If we consider that 15% of government pensions are short almost $200 Billion. The total liability to taxpayers is in excess of $1.3 Trillion.

This is in addition to the $555 Billion that Canadians have already pumped into public sector pension plans.

In Other Notes 
The average Canadian is earning about $41,000 per year. Canada's average wage

A report from BC shows that paramedics in Ontario earn in excess of $100,000  in total compensation. Considering their base salary of $88,000 per year, pensions for these employees will be valued around
$61,600 per year. They are guaranteed for life, indexed to increase every year and go to a surviving spouse for life.
Report on Paramedic Compensation - PDF

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